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I wanted to send a quick thank you to Miss Staci at Trulock. I gave my youngest son his first 12 gauge shotgun for Christmas. Come youth turkey season we found ourselves without a turkey choke for his Browning since I shoot a Benelli.  I had a question or two about Trulock turkey chokes. Miss Staci at Trulock helped me with my order and sent the turkey choke to us quickly in time for MS youth turkey season this past weekend . After three hunts and some uncooperative weather not to mention turkeys, he got his first turkey all on his own with his new Browning and Trulock choke.   He took the turkey on a single shot in excess of 50 yds.  I included a picture. Thank you for helping make this a truly memorable experience for us all.


young turkey hunter

 Hi I bought the deerstroyer choke for my Weatherby pa-08. Tried a few different cartridges and was loosing hope. Bought a few more and ...... BOOM !!!!!!! Found the one!!!! Wicked groups at 25,30,and 40 yards. I would feel comfortable taking deer out 50 or 60 yards. Awesome choke, Thank you.

Matt Morris
Vanvouver island, BC Canada

 I have purchased choke tubes from you on two different occasions one for a Hastings Barrel that I purchased for my old Wing Master and for my SBE3. Both times I called in and the lady that took my order provided excellent customer service and she pointed me in the right direction when I told her what I wanted the choke tubes for. Both tubes have performed better than expected. I have told all the guys that I goose hunt with about your products and great customer service. I even sent them your web address. Fully enjoyed the catalog she sent. It was full of great information. When I need anymore Choke Tubes you'll be the one I call.

Again thanks for the Great Service and Shipping Time

John D Gates

 Thank You for the information. I am very pleased with the choke. Thanks again for the great service from you and your employees. It is a pleasure doing business from such a great company. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving .

Thank You
R E Johnson

 You people ROCK!
Can't wait to get my shotgun back from the gunsmith (having an adjustable butt installed ) and trying out your choke tubes. I'm expecting these modifications to really make my CZ Sharptail Target a real clay buster.



 Hey George, just wanted you know that I got the chokes, in spite of Hurricane Irma. Finally got to use them on Friday and they were terrific. The workmanship, functionality and appearance is superb.

Thanks for speaking with me and providing such quality chokes!

Best regards,

I recently bought a long beard xr#6 choke and patterned my gun. The results where unbelievable. I shot another well known choke with it to compare the two and it wasn't even close. Your chokes put an end to those ol golblers that love to hang up. I took a shot at 73 yards just to see what it would do and the results where impressive 114 pellets over all in target, 64 in ten inch circle, and 36 kill shot pellets inside the turkey on the target. 60 yards is just that more devistating. Best choke on the market by a long shot.


 I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for your usual excellent service and selection of chokes for all of my guns. I never hesitate you recommend you all whenever there is a question raised about shotgun chokes.
thanks again.

Jim Groves

 Hello Trulock team, several years back I ordered a set of 6 precision hunter choke tubes for my Benelli sbe2 and could not be happier with the performance of them,  so when I decided to get a m2 for turkey, coyote, etc the choice was pretty simple to order a precision hunter 660 turkey choke. I was able to coax this gobbler in yesterday afternoon to 28 yards. Keep up the good work! next is to get one of your predator tubes and some number 4 buck before the fall, winter to go after some predators!

Adam Schuster


 Last week I was in Fla. hunting Osceola's, using your chokes for the first time. I bought a Maxus and installed one of your chokes for #6 shot. Found the 3 1/2" , 2 oz. pattered the best with my gun. I then proceeded to kill a Tom that might in the top 100 in Fla. Thanks for a great product.

Robert Inzetta

Toms wt. was 19 3/4lbs., beard was 9 ½”(shot some it off), spurs 1 ½”.

 Thanks for your great service and products. I ordered a choke on Tuesday April 11, received it Friday April 14 , and killed a nice gobbler with it on Monday April 17 (season opening day). I have several Trulock chokes for my shotguns and they all fit and perform perfectly. When I need another choke I'll call Trulock.



I recently bought a long beard xr#6 choke and patterned my gun. The results where unbelievable. I shot another well known choke with it to compare the two and it wasn't even close. Your chokes put an end to those ol golblers that love to hang up. I took a shot at 73 yards just to see what it would do and the results where impressive 114 pellets over all in target, 64 in ten inch circle, and 36 kill shot pellets inside the turkey on the target. 60 yards is just that more devistating. Best choke on the market by a long shot.


 Hello at Trulock Chokes,
I recently purchased your Predator Varmint choke for #4 buckshot for my Rem. 870 12 ga. Just got a chance to see how the pattern looked. I must say that you folks are doing a VERY FINE job !! At a measured 25 yards, It consistently put 24 out of 27 pellets in a 12" circle. I am very pleased !!

Thank you very much,

Dan Courtright

 I recently purchased a Browning BPS 16 gauge and it came with only one Modified invector choke. I shot the gun on 4 dove hunts and noticed a lot of missed easy shots and crippled birds. Opening day was EXTREMELY frustrating. I own 3 BPS's and found this 16  to fit me the best and I could not understand my less than par shooting. I normally shoot a 28 ga and almost switched back. I decided to order a "lite mod" from you guys and it showed up quickly by UPS. This morning I was amazed at the difference and quickly shot a nice limit and all birds were DOA except a couple. I always heard choke tubes were a game of "inches" not "feet".  Not sure what to think but I have my confidence back in this gun thats for sure!!! Thanks I was about to sell the gun, but not anymore.

Laurence Ritter

 Morning folks. A couple months or so back, I ordered a set of tubs for my Browning Invector Plus Citori sporting clays gun. The vey first thing I did was get out my Skeets Bore Gauge and check the dimensions. All the tubes were absolutely "dead-on" and matched perfectly the specs of the tubes I ordered. Perfect! I have never seen choke tubes that were absolutely perfect in matching the "stated" internal diameters. Not the original Browning tubes that came with two different Citoris that I shoot, not the "big name" tubes from Texas, nothing. Yours do, they are dead on. When I specified .010, .020, .030 of choke, that's exactly what I got. My scores are up a bit since I changed to your tubes. In addition, the lady to whom I spoke when I placed my order was just so pleasant, nice, friendly, etc., all the good things one might say about someone representing your company. She made me feel welcome when she took my order.

THANKS, Trulock Choke Tubes. You can bet your tubes are all I'll ever use from now on. I'm not exactly sure where Whigham is in our great state, but if it's not too far from where I am in Columbus, I might just drive down one day and shake your hand.

 I recently purchased a Weatherby/Fausti Stefano side by side shotgun. One of the original choke tubes literally came apart after only 75 rounds. I purchased 5 tubes from you(2 full,1 modified and 2 improved cylinder) I just used the tubes this past weekend. I'm very impressed with quality of manufacture, fit and ease in cleaning.

Philip Limina

Hi Nickie,

Tried out the Improved Modified choke this morning and it really powdered the clays from 16 to 27 yards at every station. My 20 gauge was outshooting the 12 gauge boys. Thanks for a great product as always.



Just a note to say thanks for the assistance and courtesy I received when ordering a Trulock Choke. The letter from Mr. Trulock was icing on the cake. I am very happy and satisfied that I was advised to use your company. Thank you again.

Ordered your waterfowl chokes for three 12 ga Browning BPS invector shotguns I and my two sons own. Had time to test them on ducks this past weekend. My son and I have never had such success on ducks with the standard Browning Invector chokes as we did with the Trulock Skeet 2 or Imp Mod chokes. We were able to harvest two 6 bird limits both days of opening weekend and only two birds needed finishing shots once downed on the water. We had two cripples we lost over two days that flew off far into the marsh. All the others were recovered readily. Number of pellets hitting the birds was higher than we have ever seen during our cleaning the birds. These chokes patterned at 80% at 40 yards through our guns with Federal SpeedShock steel shot. Amazing. I would not have appreciated how much better these chokes performed compared to factory chokes had I not made the change to Trulock. Thank you very much for an amazing product.

Bob Hardy 

 I compete (trap) and hunt (pheasant, dove) exclusively with Trulock's extended, ported chokes and have had great success with them

vs stock chokes. Consistent patterns & performance- period. Their price, quality & customer service have made me a loyal customer for

almost two decades now. They offer superior chokes for wide variety of shotguns. I'm not sure what more I can say.

Brett Pomeroy

Thanks again for the chokes, they've already arrived. I have 3 shotguns and have extended Trulock chokes on each one.

Please extend my thanks to Mr. Trulock for his responsive and reliable company and his quality products. 

Roy Gilbert


choke tube turkey hunting 

Love the heavyweight #7 chokes!

Jason Rowlands

Mr. Trulocks,

I like to let you know that your chokes are the greatest I've ever used. My scores have increased along with my confidence in shooting clays.

Thank you for a fantastic product,

Dennis Bertocchi 


Thank you for that significant amount of information. I took a look at it and pretty much all of my questions were answered. That is the most info anyone has been able to provide me with. Thank you and everyone else there at Trulock Chokes for your excellent quality products and customer service. I will not hesitate to shop with you again and will definately recommend your products to others.

Ryan Szirmay


Once again let me say Thanks and how very much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me with this issue, you are a true old school gentleman and if you are ever in NC please give me a call.  Be doing more business with you in the future.

Tony Hill 

WOW!! I received my chokes today, I just ordered them 3 days ago. You all are great. I haven't had a chance to try the turkey choke out yet (will try it on Saturday) but if it's as good as your customer service, there will be no problem!


Chance Schultz

I am very impressed with the Winchester longbeard xr choke i got from you guys 2 weeks ago. I am in military and ordered the choke for when I went home on leave to hunt turkey. I got the choke for the first day and was successful I shot two gobblers in two days one at 62 yards and one at 15 yards the choke did the trick thanks allot you make a very great product. I would love to write a testimonial for the choke if I could.

Thanks again,

Brandan Tarr 


Just wanted to share that we had another extremely successful spring turkey hunt here in WI thanks to your choke tubes out of our Benelli’s.  Anything within 50 yards is lights out, although the majority of birds we took were under 20 yards.  We did need to reach out over 40 yards on three our of 12 gobblers, and they dropped on the spot.

Thanks again for an excellent product AND your defense of our right to keep and bear arms!

Boyd Thiel

George has made a custom choke for the new Win "Longbeard" 6s, 5s and 4s because this is the best lead load ever.  Replaces Win "Extended Range". George made new choke because he is so impressed with the "Longbeard".  Never made a choke for a specific shell before.

I am shooting the Win LB 6s and George's new .650 choke.  It is a BADASS combination!


I take great pleasure in writing this testimonial on the Trulock new line of choke tubes the Winchester Long Beard XR #6 used on my Remington SPS Turkey Predator Super Magnum.  I researched many different choke tubes online and decided to go with this one.  I called Trulock to make an order talk about great customer service never dealt with a better company.  I had 3 days until the first day of spring gobbler and they got the choke to me in time.  I went out the first day called in 3 long beards they had 3 hens with them so it was hard to get them in range.  I have never taken a turkey further than 50 yards, but with how great this round and choke combo pattered for me out to 60 yards I had no problem taking the shot and glad I did.  I not only got this 23 lbs. 10in beard 1.25 in spur turkey but 2 days later also took this one as well.  Thank you Trulock for your great product I will be a customer for life.


Brandan Tarr

3.5 in Long Beard XR #6 

turkey choke

Thanks for making an outstanding choke in XR for my Benelli. This past spring I was blessed with the opportunity to harvest two nice birds using one of your chokes. Both birds were hit well past 50yds. The first Turkey hit (ranged out to 50yds) and second bird out past that. Hunting in San Antonio ranch birds 19&20lbs. 

Again what a product this choke is, don't think would have made it with any others???? 

Norman Wade

I wanted to let you know that the Remington Pro-bore extended full choke I ordered from you last month has performed extremely well. The first time I used it was at our local gun club (Martinez Gun Club in California) in our monthly club shoot and I was interested in evaluating its performance ahead of an upcoming Z-Z bird shoot the following day.

In the handicap event with my Remington 1100 Competition and my reloaded shells, I broke 48 out of 50 from 24 yards. Many of those were turned to smoke. I broke 44 straight. The two I missed were my own fault. It was the general consensus of those following me that I should Loctite it into the barrel.

I did not use the gun in the Z-Z bird event. I had doubts as to the ability of my reloads to reliably feed on a second shot, but I've fixed that issue and will be using it and your fine choke on Sunday.

Best Regards,

Pat McKean 

Hi Nickie,

I just wanted to write and let you know I had received my order and to thank you and your company for making certain I had it in time for my trip. I will be certain to let my friends know the excellent job you did for me and your outstanding customer service. Thank you again and it's a pleasure to see and deal with a company, that still practices the "art" of good customer service.


Greg Williams

Dear Trulock Folks:

Just received two chokes from you today.  Invector S1 and IC.  I have ordered a few chokes from you over the years and I only have two comments:

First, the service is great and second, the product works as advertised (fantastic). The only thing remaining is for the shooter to do his part.

I attached a photo from last year's hunt in Saskatchewan.  That is me with a few sharp tails we shot one afternoon. My shotgun is an early Browning Citori, 24" barrels with Trulock chokes, Skeet 2 and IM.  Great for quick flying sharp tails and hungarian partridge.

Thanks for the great products that allow us to enjoy the great outdoors, just that little bit more.


Dave Sperry

hunting choke tube

Nickie,  I received new tubes today. They work perfectly. Tell those who made them that they did a great job. 

Thanks a million. I'll WILL spread the word. I will be back.


Very Satisfied customer.


106 crows by 2:00 PM. The rains started and I had to stop. Most with my 28 gauge O & U.

choke tube hunting 

I just received my chokes for my Fausti.

I am not sure how to thank you, what you have done NO other company would have done. Taken a brand new gun and make chokes for it AT THE SAME price. Unbieveable.

They fit perfectly, look good, finely machined, clearly marked, oh this is good.

In about two hours they will be shot for the first time.

Thank you again, and good work.


Thank you for making a Great product! I bought a Baikal SPR 453 years ago, it has a 24 inch bbl, I have always thought it could be a great Turkey Gun, but it has odd threads and I couldn't find anyone who made a Turkey choke for it, I did a Google search and found you Guy's, not only do you make chokes for the Baikal,you make Great chokes at a decent price, my Gun patterns Great now thank's to you, keep up the good work.

Gene Bokern 

My 11 yr old ,Preston Fulmer,  III has taken 2 birds with a 20 guage trulock federal 7 choke this season.  This one went down in his tracks at 30 yds. 11 in beard. Great product! 

First bird with TruLock choke.  PHBER12650P.  Stoned him at 45 yds.  10” beard.  22lbs.  zero spurs…weirdest thing, he had no spurs…no bumps…just straight legs.  

Jeff Redding

turkey hunting with trulock chokes


I wanted to take the time to thank you all at Trulock for making an exceptional choke tube particularly the specialty Federal Heavyweight 20 gauge model.  I was able to harvest four nice gobblers in TN this past week.


choke tube


We talked and met at the recent NWTF convention in Nashville. I just wanted to say thanks, and give you feedback on the recommendation you gave me for my Versamax.  At your recommendation, I purchased your .660 turkey choke tube for my Versamax (22" barrel turkey model) after informing you that I intended to shoot the new Winchester Longbeard Magnum #5's (3 1/2"/1050 fps/2 1/8 oz). With the combo, I patterned the gun at a variety of distances and was amazed. At 40 yards I was able to obtain 251 hits in a 10" circle. Additionally, I completed my first grand slam and harvested my first Osceola turkey in Florida.

 Thanks again

 Dave Smith

turkey choke

Trulock Team: I have never patterned a turkey gun. Used your Federal Heavy choke with my son's Mossberg sa -20 with standard 28 inch barrel. Using the 3 inch shells 1.5 oz I was able to get 142 pellets in a 12 inch circle at 40 yards measured from the end of barrell. Awesome is all I can say. Great job making it easy for us. I will be getting one for my 12 gauge. 

Mark P 

I'm very pleased with My choke with federal heavyweight 7's...164 hits in a 9×11" paper at 40yards with the 20ga...Thank u for making a great product!

 Kevin Walker 

Nikki and Trulock,

I just want to give all of you at Trulock a big thank you for the outstanding service you have provided me.

The choke you sent to replace the one that did not fit exactly as it should fits perfectly now.

And the turn-a-round time could not be better.

The Trulock news letter is very informative and appreciated as well.

 Trulock chokes are outstanding and gets the job done!

 Many Thanks!

 Robert Wooldridge 


Just letting you know that the chokes arrived this morning without a problem and I tried them out this afternoon on a couple rounds of skeet. They fit & look great on the gun and they throw a really great pattern as well, the chokes really smashes clay targets. Thanks again for all your time & trouble with my order.


Dear Trulock,

 Your choke tube for the Benelli is absolutely amazing. I went out Saturday, which was April 16th for the youth spring turkey season and shot a nice tom. 22 pounds, inch spurs and a 10 1/2 inch beard. But anyways me and my dad was nestled inside of these sapling trees on the edge of the field. I was calling him til I seen him fly across the valley over to us and stopped. Pretty soon, here he comes running in front of us, but he was 60 yards away at the time. I asked my dad if it would be a good shot to take and was unsure of it. ( I knew I could do it with your fantastic choke tube) So as soon as he stood straight up, I let 'er rip and dropped that big gobbler right where he stood! It was also pouring rain and I was soaked to the bone. But I didn't care, it was all worth it. All I'm trying to say is that your choke tube for turkey is amazing and that I love it and is the BEST choke around. 


Dustin Czerwinski

Dear Mr. Trulock,
Thank you so much for getting me the choke tube on time for my hunt. The tube worked great and brought home a mature gobbler that weighed 22 pounds, had a 10 inch beard, and had 7/8 inch spurs. It was definitely the hunt of a lifetime and I'm grateful to you for making it happen!

Chase Skrubis
Age 12

I really have to thank you for the great customer service you have provided. I called this morning and had a nice chat about your products. That's pretty rare anymore. A lot of companies I contact have someone who doesn't even know anything about what they are selling. I ordered a couple of choke tubes through you and I plan to purchase a couple more within the next couple of weeks. Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure doing business with you!

Michael Kinney

Hello, In pure Trulock fasion I recieved my new choke tubes today for a very hard to find Ithaca mag 10. After spending countless hours trying on my own to figure out what choke thread system Ithaca used I contacted Trulock for help! George was sure the chokes I needed were the Tru-choke system and he as always was right, I cant tell you how happy Iam to find the chokes I need but to get them in the precion hunter extended is a plus.


Thank you for the info, and i also wanted to let you know how impressed i was with your companys customer service and quality of product. I placed an order for a skeet 2 (light modified) ported choke tube for my 10 gauge( which is a work of art as i have it in my hands today) before i recieved your reply recomending the modified tube so ill have to pattern a few of my loads and may have to order the modified tube before next weeks waterfowl hunt. also i plan on hunting a few pheasants but dont want to bring my 12 gauge just for that so i have some 1-5/8 oz #4 loads loaded up for my 10 gauge so ill see what choke works well with that also. But anyway i just wanted to let you know that you earned a customer for life..

Thanks for your time.
Nikolai Akovenko

I received the 4 choke tubes that I ordered from you just a few days after ordering them. The Savage Milano is not your average, everyday shotgun, but you had the tubes, great price, and shipped very fast. I am impressed and hope to use this combination for a long time. Thank you for quick response and having these in stock. I will be back for future choke tube needs.. Thank You very much and I can't wait to pattern, hunt, and skeet with the new tubes.

Richard Hulsebus - Toledo, Ohio

I just wanted to send you a quick email this morning to tell you how happy I am with both your product and service at Trulock Chokes not only does both sets of chokes I ordered from you pattern well and look great but the service I received from Nikki was excellent she even rushed my chokes as requested so I would have them before Jan 7th for a very important sporting clay shoot here in ontario.

We'll do business again - Jeff Heinbuck

Mr Trulock,

I have been able to use your Super Waterfowl F1 choke all year now and all I can say is "YES". Both it and the IC extended hunter have performed very well with the Fiocchi steel I was using this year. Thank you for a great product.

Thank you again,
Samuel Vernatter

As many have stated the customer service is second to none as well as the quality of your choke. Fit and finish are better than anyone could ever imagine or want. I am proud that a product of this quality is produced and sold from my home state of Georgia.

thanks again,
Jeff DeFore

Mr. Trulock,

I should have noted that there is a constriction limit of .680 that's why i chose the .690 because it can't be any tighter than .680. I would like to thank for your response and great customer service.

Thanks Again, Ralph

You are truly outstanding. You do not know how long I have been searching for these. Thank you so very much!

Matthew Bond

Just patterned my Win. SX3 with the precision hunter .670 con. All i can say is wow what great product at a great price.Went from 12 pellets @ 30 yards with the factory full choke in the head and neck of a turkey target to 56. Just wanted to say thanks for making a great choke tube.

Steve Ramsey


I just wanted to say thanks. My new choke arrived today and could not wait to try it. I only had one 3 inch Federal heavyweight 1 5/8 oz. #7 left. It is old stock ( about 4 years ago). It was 74 degrees out and my target was placed at 40 yds. I got 214 hits in a 10" circle at 40yds. I cant wait to get my shipment of ammo so I can shoot it at 20yds. My gun is a 11-87 3 ½ inch chamber.

Ernest Pappas

I have just finished testing my new Trulock choke. I have a Remington 1187 super mag 3 1/2 I was using a pure gold 696 buck shot choke also a Remington full buck shot choke. These two chokes did not make me feel confident in my shot at all I tried 00 buck shot also no-1 buck shot and the pattern was not good at all to say the least.

I now have a Trulock extra full model buck shot choke tube and I can't believe what it will do! I used 00 buck 3 1/2, also #1 buck shot 3 1/2 and at 50 yards put 80 percent of the shot in the kill zone. At 100 yards put 50 percent of the shot in the kill zone. Thank you Trulock!

I was tired of spending money on chokes and not getting anything for the money I was spending.

Thanks for a great choke tube,
Tony Sassano


Returned from Argentina on 25 September. Had a wonderful trip and there were more doves than I have ever seen on any previous trip. Rented a 20 ga. Beretta mod.391 that had been shot a million times! I carried your Skeet 1 extended and ported choke and a factory Beretta cylinder. Your choke performed flawlessly. Shot the cylinder one day as most of the shots were inside of 25 yards. It was cloudy two days and the birds flew high, sunshine day low birds, the skeet 1 was devasting birds at 40 yards with 7/8 ounce loads !! I shot 6,300 shells and killed 5,562 birds. Thank you for making a truly great choke that works. Will do article soon on trip and give credit to your product as your choke helped my shooting.

Respectfully Yours,
Hubert Bickley


After reading customer testimonials and researching the Internet for feedback, I came to the conclusion to try your choke. Let me say, you make a fantastic tube, well machined, precision made. I first ordered an Improved Cylinder tube from you for my Benelli M2. This choke was a little too tight for the purpose I needed. I simply emailed you and asked for an exchange. Nikki and Staci helped me with the exchange to a Skeet 1 tube and it shot great. Since I will be using this tube primarily for Skeet at my local range, it seemed fitting to try the skeet constriction. I also patterned this tube at 21 yards and got a great pattern that was very uniform. The point of impact matched my point of aim (something other chokes fail to due). I am looking forward to shooting more rounds of skeet with this tube and also try it out on some flushing coveys of quail and jumping rabbits.

Thank you for working with me. The .660 tube sparks my interest as well. I may have to try that tube with some HeviShot straight 7s.

Thanks again
Talk to you soon,
Eric Hager
Richmond, KY


Hi all at Trulock,

After a short conversation with a representative of Trulock, I decided to try one of your 20 gauge chokes for my Benelli M2. I took my 3rd and 4th Tennessee toms with this choke accompanied with Nitro Company Ammo. Guys, the first bird was at 37 yards, no problem! The second bird was at 58 yards! I was a little off on my estimated distance. I don’t typically make that kind of shot with my 12 gauge but my little 20 pulled it off. Thanks Trulock for such a fine choke tube!

Stewart Broussard
Customer Service Representative
Tennessee Branch


Hello George,

I’m Skip Hyde. I believe we spoke last Thursday or Friday about an unknown choke that was installed by a gunsmith, now deceased, on one of my 12 ga.’s. I’ve mic’d the original with accurate equipment; the results are attached.

Thank you very much for your interest in helping me out – I have to say, being a state employee of as only recently, and a small business owner before that for many years, I’m very much impressed when the owner of a company I’ve contacted calls me back directly! Whether you can help me or not, I’ll sure spread the word about your good service, and pls feel free to post my words as testimonials!!!

Take Care,
Skip Hyde


Mr. Trulock,

We have received the chokes and we would like to thank you and your company for your help and assistance and for the very quick delivery of the chokes. I will recommend your name to friends and relatives.

Thank You.

Yours Gratefully,
Stephen Sinnott

Dear Sir,

Thank you for such a good product - the finish on my new chokes is excellent and the price very reasonable. The choke case that came with them was the finishing touch - I don't say this often, but I admit I 'm impressed!

Best Regards,
Raxis Epitropou
Komotini, Greece

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I've been using your Trulock chokes in my Winchester Select Trap for the past season and have had great success. I shoot from the 26 yard line and will be going to the 27 by the end of this month. I only need the improved modified from the 16 to the 27 - what a great choke!

I shoot about 1000 rounds a month and the choke never varies on impact point. (it has 15000 rounds through it by now).

Great Product!!

Charlie Stewart


Great service, with friendly staff that took and processed the order. Tubes were here in days. Hunted with them yesterday and the doves folded when I did my part.

As the barrels of any double are the heart of the gun, I feel your product has enhanced the performance of my barrels.
Clay Bryant


This is my first TRULOCK product and I am amazed from the quality of the choke. I will recommend TRULOCK to all my friends.

Thank you one more time for this amazing product and for the great service you provide to me as customer.

Thank you one more time!

Dear Sir,

I recently asked my brother, who lives in USA to mail me two chokes. 1 x IM and 1 x M, both of which were of the Extended, precision hunter style. I was dubious at first as my standard factory chokes worked well enough. Having read your very informative site information on test patterning etc, i decided to purchase, and the week and a half wait for the post man to deliver from USA was unbearable. I finally recieved my chokes and the following day was out with a club associate shooting Crows over barley stuble.

Now this is going to sound rather brash, but my very first shot 'dusted' a bird on the Modified choke at a range of 115 feet which impressed myself and friend. 25 birds later after one hour and i went home delighted at not only the tally, but the fact that most were dusted at an average range of 100 - 120 ft. I have since put my factory chokes into storage, and believe i shall indeed have your chokes a permenant fixture to my gun. I would like to purchase from your company the improved cylinder in the prescision hunter style, and shall do so in Febuary.

Thank you so much for a wonderful product, it does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. It was your informative webpage which made me finally purchase through my brother. I shall be passing on your web address to all members of our Gun Club. Superb value for money, thats for sure.

Terry McComish


Mr. Trulock,

I did receive the choke tube on Thursday. We left for our annual grouse hunt in the Ft. Pierre National Grasslands on Friday. The choke performed well and I shot 7 grouse in 3 days of hunting with my new Beretta 391 20 GA autoloader. Unfortunately I didn't have time to pattern the choke tube before leaving, but will do so soon. I've already patterned the factory modified tube and expect yours will be an improvement.

Thank you for rushing this order to me. I will gladly pass on my very positive experience with your company and product when the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks again,
Bruce Evans
Rapid City, S.D.


Dear George,

Being in the Customer Service business myself, I always make it a point to let other Companies know when they are "hitting the mark" (no pun intended). Well you guys have gone above and beyond!! I ordered two extended chokes for my Yilldiz 12 gauge. I was one week away from the opening day of dove season (today) and one of the chokes was back-ordered. Your Customer Service representative told me they would do their best to get it to me on time. Not only was it on time but two days early. The good news doesn't stop there. The chokes made a huge difference in my shooting accuracy. I was able to get my limit of dove and actually beat my son this year. It has been quite a while since that has happened. The minute we got home he was on your website ordering a set for his shotgun. Keep up the great work. You guys have a great product at a fair price and even the Customer Service to take care of those of us that don't always place our orders well enough in advance.



Hi all.

I received two of my three choke order yesterday (Full on backorder). Looking at the overall quality, the threads, the finish, etc. of the Trulock chokes I can say without hesitation that they are works of art.

The chokes I currently have for my Winchester Select have poorly formed threads and are rough as a cob on the inside...they are being retired TODAY.

Thanks for a very well made product.

Best Regards,


I don't write to manufacturers often, but I want to express my extreme satisfaction with your product.

I have been shooting trap for 4 years and have never had any luck shooting handicap targets. I had always used a Angle-Port IM for handicap, and it seemed that I always had to shoot too far under the target in order to hit it with my Invector Plus Browning XT.

On a whim, I decided to try your sporting clays IM. What a difference! With no adjustments to the gun, the point of impact changed to where I could point the targets properly. My scores jumped from the low 80s to the mid 90s virtually overnight. I still can't believe that the other choke tube was the source of my problems with handicap. Your choke also improved my 16 yard scores and I have improved from breaking targets into pieces to turning them to dust.

I am going to order another sporting clays IM tube for my top barrel. If it performs as well as the one I have now, I will be tickled.

Thanks again.

Best Regards
Mike Hudick
Manheim, PA


Hi Folks - I want to thank you for your products. I ordered some choke tubes for use with Federal FliteControl Wads – I asked you for help and followed your suggestions.

Well those tubes worked GREAT!

I put the unported tube in my shotgun and went to the range – I used a Pistol point at my club – exactly 25 yds. The first shot with Federal Turkey loads (#5) made a fist sized hole in the target board and the wad was stuck in the target board. The second shot opened up the hole and the wad went thru. Now that’s a tight pattern. I did notice that the recovered wad had some dings in the skirt that align with this gun’s barrel ports - so the Federal recommendation about not using ported tubes is valid.

Getting ready to leave, I noticed the 8” steel gong set into the berm beyond the 50 meter line – My son and I looked at each, I pulled the gun from the case and loaded another round - I hit the plate – we heard the impact and saw it move a little – of course #5 shot at 50M plus is not the best choice.

Later on, one member of our group hit a Turkey amongst the decoys and it flew straight up and he lost sight of it with the recoil - since we were next to a 2 acre stock pond and I didn’t feature wading, I hit it again in the air and it came down with a loud thump from about 30 feet in the air (I was 27 yds from the decoys) – never saw one fly like that before. All my shot was in a very small section of the head and neck.

Anyway – you have a great product line and even batter service

Bill Grobe


I thought I would drop you a note and thank you for the prompt response to the order I placed for chokes.  I received the chokes over the weekend and included was a choke case (that I did not order) I very much appreciated the inclusion.  Although I am only a recreational shooter, the only chokes I use are TRULOCK.  Consequently, the ones I ordered as a gift for my son are TRULOCK. 

A satisfied customer,
Paul C.
North Production Superintendent

Wow that was fast! Special thanks for sending me the chokes I ordered so fast. Hopefully, I will have some time to do some valley quail hunting over the Thanksgiving Holiday and try them out.

I will probably order more next year for my other shotguns. Special thanks to George for the information you provided to me over the phone as well.


Wow - a letter from the President!

That's why I like this company and continue to shop here.  I have a Mossberg 500, in 20 gauge - just a lightweight field gun for small game.  I was so impressed with the performance of the tube I bought for my Verona SX autoloader (for waterfowl), I wanted a similar tube for my field gun.  I'll call you guys when I get a chance - thanks for the quick reply. Too bad other companies don't treat their customers this well... 

My business is yours...

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
Jason A. DeBoer, M.S.
Graduate Research Assistant, Adjunct Faculty
Grand Valley State University
Biology Department
1 Campus Drive, Allendale, MI 49401

Thanks from a disabled hunter,

Thanks for your great product. I'm getting more birds with your chokes. The gun shoots a lot better and I'm disabled and that means more meat. I think I have four of your chokes and will really put them to the test up against our huge Canada geese up here in Wisconsin starting next Monday when my permit begins and runs through the middle of December. Your modified works great on quick passing shots. Now I will be switching to improved modified shooting BBB at those huge birds. Thanks again for a great product.


Michael Sicowitz
Wauwatosa, WI


Hi from Australia,

My order of 6 chokes arrived this morning in a very timely manner, 10 days from the placement of order to the receipt of the chokes.  This delivery time must be commended, a lot of companies WITHIN Australia find it hard to match that.
The finish and fit is first rate with the ability to change chokes without a wrench a big plus.
As I am just starting into both Trap and Skeet, I felt that I needed all the help I can get.  I will now Pattern the gun and compare them to the factory chokes.
I do have 1 complaint though..... I noticed that a lot of your previous customers received one of your caps!!  I unfortunately did not and your website does not have the provision to purchase one in a "promotional area" and I would have purchased one had the opportunity been available.  I see a lot of your opposition's caps but not one "Trulock" and felt that it would have a "Positive" spin for your business.
Until the next order - Cheers for Australia,
Jeff Gray

I really appreciate your honesty. Of all the companies that I e-mailed, no one's response comes close. I can not recall the last time I encountered such honesty from a business. Thank you - it is most refreshing If I purchase a choke tube, it will be from you.

Sgt. Jamin L. Brackett
Gastonia City Police
Street Crime Unit
200 E. Long Ave. Gastonia N.C. 28053

Great Chokes!

I just purchased 2 of your precision hunter chokes for my Browning 625 o/u. I took them out of the package and cleaned them and inspected them. There was not a burr or a blemish of any kind. I started to install them and they just went in perfectly without a hint of binding. The chokes that came with the gun don't go in like that. my brother bought Patternmaster chokes and his don't go in smooth at all. I am very happy with your product and would recommend your chokes . The first goose that came in on friday evening I shot dead. It never moved and it weighed 12 lbs. First one I have shot dead in the air this season. Needed a finishing shot on all the others.


Rick Larocque


Hey George:

Got my chokes this morning... Thanks for the "Fantastic" service.


Mr. Trulock:

Your company is 5 Star in my book everytime I have asked a question about which of your choke tube to use in different shotguns I have I've always gotten a quick an expert response.I have purchased choke tubes twice before an always will come back to Trulock.

Thanks for being the BEST of the BEST.

Nicholas Spallino
Mechanicsville V.A.


The experience of obtaining the right chokes for my Huglu o/u in 20 ga. was frustrating until I found Trulock. The order for the three chokes I placed was shipped at once, (much faster and cheaper rates than the big outdoor stores) . The chokes were put to work on opening day of dove season. What a change in performance! I have other o/u shotguns that will all be sporting Trulock chokes in the near future, (12 & 20 ga. ) Thanks for a superior product - they shoot as good as they look! My impressed hunting partners are switching over also.


Harold Kightlinger
Lawton , Oklahoma



Well I had some good results and am very happy with my purchases. Here are some links to some pics of the patterns I shot. 

This is a Mod pattern shot at 30 yards with 7/8oz 3’s at 1625fps:

This is a IM pattern at 30yards with 7/8oz 1’s at 1625fps:

This is a IM pattern at 40yards with 7/8oz 1’s at 1625fps:

Thanks a bunch!

Chris Cavanna
IT HelpDesk Support
Silgan Containers
5701 Frontier Road
Oconomowoc, WI 53066



Thank you for putting me in touch with the dist in the UK. The service they supplied was very good. The product you make is excellent. I used the 2 skeet extend chokes on Sunday 8/24/2008 and shot back to back 25 straights.
Many Thanks !
John Foster
Bromley, Kent.
( England)


I just recieved your choke tube (ph665) for my son's remington spr-453. It puts 120 pellets in a 10" circle at 40 yards with remington 3" 1 1/2 oz hevishot loads. Very satisfied customer.

John Pusztay


Between a retail store and I we have conspired to make buying two chokes more complicated than I would have thought possible. Throughout this one act comedy Trulock Tool kept at it doing the right thing, and not expressing frustration at a small order going bad and losing the profit as small orders gone bad can do. For that I thank you, because my new shotgun will have the chokes I wanted it to have. I went to your web site and read your piece on chokes, and for the first time I had enough information to measure an old side by side that I dearly love, but which has not a name, nor any choke information on it. Thank you very much for that. I have a small business. We try to put customer satisfaction at the top of the list, and I think over the years this has been good for our business. Clearly you are doing the same thing, and I hope it is working for you as well.

Jerry Powlas


I appreciate your exceptional service, and prompt reply to my questions prior to my purchase. I received my Trulock IM ported SP choke Monday, and shot trap last night with it. I had read all the customer comments, and was hoping that I could improve my score by a couple points. I was shooting 17-19 consistently with a Remington 11-87 SP (cheaper "sportsman" model with synthetic stock), and was quite honestly getting very discouraged with Trap shooting thinking those scores were the best I could achieve. I was looking at dropping a lot of money on a new shotgun, adjustable buttplates, combs, and other "gadgets" to help me out. Problem is, I didn't have a lot of money to spend on all that. I was REALLY wrong! I am still in shock over how well your choke tube worked for me! I only shot 6 rounds of trap - two at 16 yards, one at 20 yards, and three "games". After installing your choke tube, my first round was 23, second 24, and third 24! The only reason I didn't get 25 each time was absolutely my fault, and I do plan on a 25 next week! By the way, I won two of the three games! Some of the improvement may be a simple boost in my confidence, but I will put all the thanks on your choke tubes anyway! Absolutely unbelievable product - I'm sure you'll see more orders from me and others in my area.

Still in shock,
Jay Hammond

Good morning George,

I receive the chokes last thursday and I want to tell thank you for so quickly shipping.I test the chokes and it improve my shots about 20% more better than old chokes from factory (I have baical semi-automatic shotgun MP 153) AND I am absolutely satisfied from your chokes.I am thinking to order another choke from you IC for baical I want to ask you If you have this in your stock.

Best regard,


I recently sent you an email criticizing the cost of Choke Shine and the pathetic jar it comes in. I also stated that I had not tried the product and would inform you when I did. Well I finally did try it and it works great - much better than Slip 2000. The plastic wadding curled up and literally fell out of the choke tube. What a great product. As much as I hate to say it - it is worth the money. Now back to the packaging - it still sucks. The jar I am using is much better than your cheap plastic jar but what you you really need is a narrower taller jar (same fluid quantity) that will cover longer chokes like the Invector Plus. You also need the Slip 2000 metal holders that go in the jar so the choke tubes can be easily removed. You have a great product now fix the damn packaging!!!

Roger Croghan

Mr. Trulock:

Received my 'Modified' choke this afternoon about an hour before my match. Did pretty good with it also. I can't thank you enough for your efforts and results in this matter. Believe me when I say it is a pleasure doing business with you. The company I retired from after 35 years (Verizon) could take lessons from you in customer service. My thanks to your people as well. What did this get you? I told everyone at the match about this matter and the service rendered. I thanked the guys who recommended Trulock Chokes. One of the guys there tonight took down your web address and will be placing orders with your company for chokes. And I have another order for chokes that I will be placing on your website tomorrow for another shotgun I have. Thanks for everything and know you have a positive advertiser for Trulock chokes in Central NY.


I wanted to let you know how well my new Tru-Lock choke was performing. I had good results on paper but the results in the field were awesome. Every bird I have shot this year has been put down with very little flopping, if any. One of the birds I shot at 50 plus yards and was amazed at how hard the bird went down. It is a pleasure to rep products that I have this much confidence in. I have attached a picture.

Talk to you soon,
Todd Bright


Thanks for all of your help in ID'ing and helping me find chokes that will work in my European gun! Jerrod went out of his way to make things happen and to spend the time necessary to explain in exact terms what he was providing and he offered me some options if I wanted. The lady answering the phone on the order desk was also genuinely interested in helping me as well by getting me directly to the right person. This is my second time successfully dealing with Trulock and I can assure you when I need chokes in the future Trulock will be my first call.
It's a real pleasure when you can actually talk to one of the guys whose name is on the product, who has a hands on understanding of how it's made and how it's used.

Gary Schultz, Camden SC


I received the two chokes I ordered last week. I was showing some of the guys at the range. One, a machinist/welder made the comment, that you make the nicest looking chokes and was very complimentry. I am more than pleased with the chokes and especially the service.

Thank you for producing a good product,
Lenard Lemke

I purchased 7 of your choke tubes, I was impressed with the speed of shipment, the professionalism and politeness of everyone I talked to, including George. I am going to be a lifetime customer!

Thanks Again,

I have been using one of your turkey chokes in my 870 12 ga. and it is AWESOME. I recently acquired an 11-87 20 gauge and I am wanting to use 3-inch #6 hevi shot. Which turkey tube constriction do you recommend for this particular 20 gauge load? I look forward to doing more business with you.

God Bless.
Tommy Norton

I recived my choke tube #PHCRP12660, This past Saturday. I was able to shoot it yesturday, WOW, I'm impressed, I used 3" Federal #6 Turkey Loads. Thank You for your suggestion. I will be purchasing more Trulock Choke Tubes.

Russell Calhoun, Houston, Texas


Just wanted to say thanks for getting those chokes I exchanged back to me so quickly. Hope I can get out and pattern them in the next few days. Your customer service is impeccable. Hope to send you a few turkey pics in about 4 weeks.

Thanks again,
Matt Jordan

I received my new chokes about two weeks ago and with the great weather we have been having here in southern Alberta this year we have been doing a lot of sporting clay shooting. I have noticed an immediate inprovement in my game when I but in your chokes. My fellow shooter have noticed as well. I tell them the new chokes have helped. A couple of guys have asked me for your web site address so hopefully you well get more business out of it.

Thanks for your great product,
Don Brown, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for getting my 20ga Benelli choke tube order out in time for my Argentina dove shoot. After measuring the bores of 4 Benelli's that I own and a few more that my friends have, I found the factory tubes and extended tubes from a couple "big name" manufactures to be out of spec by a long shot! It seems that most of the chokes are made to interchange between Beretta and Benelli even though the bores measure quite different. I appreciate the fact that you offer the correct product for both makes. Our flights and outfitting were a big investment but the doves and pigeons were plentiful. The group put 15,000 shells out of those guns with great results.

Thanks for a great product,
B. Anderson

I am placing my second order for your Precision Hunter chokes. I bought a set for my FABARM Monotrap, and was amazed at how much better the gun patterned. Today I will order a pair of Skeet chokes for my Citori. My compliments on a superior quality product. Would love to know if I could obtain any softgoods to advertise your products at my trap club. Stickers, hats, shirts, etc. I have several of my team's shooters switching to TruLock.

Thanks again,
Casey Jon McKay

Hello Trulock Folks,
Your Choke arrived Saturday (SBER012713) The fit from choke skirt to barrel is about as nice as I've ever seen. Real craftsmanship!

Thank You,
Ed Biza, Centerville,Ohio

I am very pleased at your speedy service. I ordered 2 choke tubes for my Remington Spartan shotgun on 10-11-05. I needed them for opening day Chukar season here in CA. I figured that since I waited till the last minute to order, I probably wouldn't receive them till after the Oct 15th opener. I received them in 2 days. Using your Skeet 2 as my first shot and Imp. Mod. as my second, I took 2 birds in the first half hour of the hunt. By days end, 3 Chukar and 1 California Quail. I was the envy of my buddies who only got 1 Chukar each. The hat that I ordered from Cabela's on the same day, I still haven't received. And they charged me 6 bucks to send 1 baseball cap.

Thanks again for fast service and a superior product,
Robert Brooks

Dear George Trulock,

Just a note of thanks for the extremely great service. I don't know of another mail order that I have made that was so fast in delivery. It's incredible!! Thanks very much. I know a lot of folks that hunt and I'll be certain to let them know about your company.

Thanks again for the great service,
Chap Ragland

Dear Mr Trulock,

I bought a spartan 310 O/U in the spring and immediately ordered a pair of chokes for it (IM and Turkey full). While I didn't get to shoot at any turkeys in the spring, I do shoot a whole bunch of ducks for our retriever club. Using #4 steel, I choke up an IC for the first shot and the IM for the second. If you have been to any retriever events, you know that the handlers don't take well to birds that keep flying. I have full confidence knowing that my IM tru choke is always ready. I have not missed with that choke yet from 10 yd to 40 yd. It litterally folds the birds on the spot. No cripples here. I'm so happy with it that I'll be adding a SK2 for my steel shot duck shooting (gotta have a nice open pattern for close birds) and as many other chokes as I can open my wallet up to. I also plan to try out this choke on the skeet field next trip up. I figure if I can get myself to hit those little clay disks with that tight choke, I can certainly snag a few birds this season with a little less constriction.

Thanks a bunch,
Rick Koontz

I got the choke tube today and will try it out today or tomorrow and let you know how it works. You guys are only a handful of companies that do what they say and really do care about customer service and I want you to know that I really do appreciate you!


Mr. George Trulock, President, Trulock Tool,

I can't see any way to improve your customer service. Everything has always been perfect. Website is very informative and easy to use for ordering, shipping is fast and efficient with no extra charges for "handling". Products and service continue to be outstanding. Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure to do business with you.

David Lang

I just wanted you to know that I think your service on ordering choke tubes is super excellent. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that keeps there customers in the for front of their business.

Erland Hansen