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Predator/Varmint Chokes

Predator hunting with shotguns is gaining in popularity. They can sometimes be used in areas not suitable for rifles because of population density or areas where close range shots are typical because of dense timber or brush.  

Trulock Predator™ Choke Tubes

We now have a choke designed specifically for predator hunting. These chokes were developed for # 4 buckshot and large diameter tungsten such as B and T. They are ideal for predator hunting. They have a 4 inch overall length with a 3 inch forcing cone and a 1 inch parallel section to minimize shot distortion and give dense patterns. They are made from high strength stainless steel with a black oxide finish and have a knurled head.

These are available in all popular designs.

 In our standard Precision Hunter line, we suggest the below choke tubes.

Our suggestions on chokes are as follows.

Mossberg 835’s and similar .774 bore shotguns .690 exit diameter

Browning Invector Plus and similar .740 bore shotguns .680 exit diameter

Remington and similar .730 bore shotguns .670 exit diameter

Beretta Optima Plus and similar.733 bore shotguns .673 exit diameter

Benelli Crio Plus, Mobil style and similar .725 bore shotguns .670 exit diameter

 We suggest the below loads

Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote (T Pellets)

Win Xtended Range HD Coyote (B Pellets)

Number 4 buckshot

 In any given shotgun you may find one load patterns tighter than another. You will have to pattern your gun to find the best load. Testing is ongoing and we will update this as we get the results. We suggest you pattern at least 5 shells of any given load (10 is much better) and average the results as the patterns can change from shot to shot

The tungsten loads as a rule will pattern tighter than the lead buckshot loads. However tungsten loads are very expensive when compared to # 4 buckshot and may not be worth the difference to you.