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Waterfowl Hunting

For most waterfowl hunting we suggest an extended choke in one of three choke constrictions.

Cylinder Bore, (.000 constriction) for shooting at close range, such as in thick timber and usually about 30 yards. This choke with most steel loads using # 2 or larger shot will give a nominal improved cylinder pattern.

Improved Cylinder, (.010 constriction) for shooting at midrange such as typically found when using decoys and usually about 35 yards. As above most loads using # 2 steel will give a nominal modified pattern.

Modified, (.020 constriction) for longer range such as pass shooting. Usually at 40 or 40 plus yards. Again most loads of # 2 steel or larger when used with this choke will give a full choke pattern.

If using # 4 steel shot then increase constriction by .005 on each degree of choke so that you have the below.

Close Range = Skeet 1, - Mid Range or Decoy = Skeet 2/ Lite Mod, - Pass or Long Range = Imp Mod                                                              


Federal Black Cloud™ Chokes

We offer a line of chokes especially designed for Black Cloud™ shells in three degrees of constriction. These are rated Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full and give those patterns when using Black Cloud. These chokes have different exit diameters than those offered above and were selected to give the best performance with these shells.

Super Waterfowl Chokes

This style of choke was designed for long range pass style shooting using steel shot. We make these chokes in 3 degrees of full choke constriction, Full # 1 at .030, Full # 2 at .040 and Full # 3 at .050. Each choke is rated for a certain range of sizes with steel shot.

Full 1 for shot sizes F through BB,    Full 2 for shot sizes B through 3,   Full 3 for 4 and smaller.

Waterfowl 2 Pack

This choke set contains the Precision Hunter in Improved Cylinder and Modified as described at the top of the page. Covers the majority of you waterfowl shooting needs and comes with a choke case.

Waterfowl 3 Pack

This package contains the Precision Hunter chokes as above but with the addition of a cylinder choke for close range such as timber. Covers all you normal waterfowl shooting needs and also comes with a choke case.