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Trevor Gallegos

I’m Trevor Gallegos and I’m from Pueblo, CO. I am currently in my last semester of my Bachelors Degree in Construction Management at Colorado State University – Pueblo. Growing up I was introduced to the outdoors and hunting by my grandfather. I always looked up to him and wanted to do exactly what he did. We hunted everything from big game to upland. From August to May you can find me in the mountains chasing Big game, turkey, or Waterfowl.  Today, my main focus is Waterfowl. I knew once I was introduced to waterfowl I was hooked. If I am not at school or work I am usually in the outdoors trying to find something to hunt. I grew up hunting geese and ducks in southern Colorado but since then have chased the migration in Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado and multiple states. My favorite time of hunting would be late season honkers and ducks in a snow covered field.

Follow me on Instagram at @colorado_waterfowl_hunter to keep up with my hunting stories through the year.



Joseph Flowers

My hunting passion has always been waterfowl. Whether it’s chasing resident Canada Geese in my home state of Georgia, or on the road chasing the migration from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico. I try to visit at least 3 states every year and experience the unique hunting challenges they each offer. What I enjoy most about waterfowl hunting is the fellowship during and after the hunts. Waterfowl hunting is unique because you don’t have to keep silent during the hunt. You can hunt with a group of guys and share a few laughs between flights of birds coming in. 

Joseph Flowers  


Gunner Hall

Gunner is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Starting at an early age by “camping” out in his parent’s back yard with friends and backpacking the Colorado Rockies in his late teens. His love of the outdoors remains today with hunting birds and big game mainly in the woods and swamps of Georgia’s Low Country and fishing in Georgia’s Atlantic Coastal Waterways. If you can’t find him in the woods he is most likely on the skeet or sporting clays fields. An active member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers he is also an advocate for conservation efforts and is committed to helping preserve public hunting land for future generations to enjoy.

Follow him on his next hunt on Instagram @gunnerhall

 Gunner Hall  


Jared Singletary

I am Jared Singletary and 43 years old from Thomasville, GA. Shooting has been a major part of my life since I was a small kid.  I started competing with NSCA when I was 16 years old and still shoot daily. Now 43 years old, I have 2 kids that enjoy shooting and they both have been fortunate enough to shoot with some of the most famous exhibition shooters in the world.

I have been very blessed to travel throughout the US, Canada, and South America shooting and hunting with some good friends.  Now my focus is teaching my kids about the outdoors and helping others learn gun safety and shooting skills that I have learned over the years.  The older I have grown, the hunt now is more about the experience and not so much about the kill.

Jared Singletary  


Travis Carlson

I was born and raised in a small town of central Pennsylvania where at the age of 12 I began hunting small game and deer with my dad and brother. I’ve been hunting over 20 years and since that day I spend as much time in the woods as I possibly can. I enjoy hunting deer, bear, small game, turkey, predators, crow and groundhogs. I hunt mountains, vast amounts of public lands as well as I have permission to hunt numerous farm lands. I spend as much time as possible out scouting, exploring new territories and hunting. When I’m not in the woods I’m always finding time practice my shooting and calling skills because I’m determined to be the best I can be and someday make a big name for myself.

I truly enjoy predator, deer and turkey hunting, I enjoy a challenge and hunting some of the toughest and most intelligent animals in the woods. I have introduced several people to hunting as well as taught and shared my knowledge and experience that I’ve learned over the years with them.

I currently work for a local ashpalt and paving company as an equipment operator and triaxle driver in which I truly enjoy doing what I do. I work from April to November I get laid off for the winter and I hunt almost 5-6 days a week over the winter season starting with deer season. In my free time I enjoy helping out with fundraisers at some of the sportsman's clubs where I am a member of. I help stock kids fish ponds, range clean ups as well as any other activities they need help with. I also volunteer for a local shelter walking dogs and assisting with kennel cleans, feeding and watering animals.



My name is Aaron Davis, I'm originally from Mount Juliet, Tennessee. I'm currently living in Cookeville, Tennessee where I attend Tennessee Tech University. I began dove hunting when I was 10 years old with my dad and began duck hunting five years ago. I began trap and skeet shooting rather recently and have really fallen in love with it. I joined TTU's trap team in the fall of 2017 and generally shoot around middle Tennessee. I duck hunt in middle and west Tennessee. I dove hunt in Lebanon and Watertown, Tennessee.
Aaron Davis  


Mike Mike is an avid waterfowler, retriever trainer, and  clay target enthusiast. Ironically, Mike grew up on a skateboard and BMX bike, and never touched a gun until he was in college, when he went hunting for the first time. He soon fell in love with waterfowling, and all the camaraderie it brings. When he isn't hunting or training his dog, you can find him at the  Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club breaking clays on the trap and skeet fields. His favorite place to hunt are the vast marshes on the Delaware Bay.  Mike holds a Bachelor's Degree in History, and a Master's in Non-Profit Management. He also serves on the Pro-Staff's for Dogtra, Buck Gardner Calls, as well as Avery and Banded.
Mike Schulman



 Mike Bosisto

I’m Mike Bosisto, And I live in Battle Ground Washington. My hunting background encludes all big game, waterfowl, turkey and upland. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, duck hunting became my first ever hunts to go on. 

I have been a hunting guide who specialized in turkey hunting. I participated in several turkey calling contest, and later became a prostaff member of Knight and Hale game calls. I’ve been to several trade shows, speaking events, seminars, tv and radio shows as well. 

In my “free time”, I’m a hunter safety education instructor, and I serve as a leader in my local churches outdoor ministry program. 

Michael Bosisto  


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