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Trulock Guarantee


Lifetime Warranty/Satisfaction Guarantee

All Trulock Chokes carry a lifetime warranty. If our choke fails for any reason, return it to us and it will be replaced at no charge. Trulock Tool and/or Whigham Enterprises, Inc. does not warrant these products as to suitability, fitness for use, or for any particular purpose. Replacement of the choke tube is the total extent of our warranty, with the exception that if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product within 60 days from the date of purchase it can be returned to us for exchange or refund of the purchase price. A copy of the sales invoice must be included with the return. Nothing else is implied or should be construed from this warranty or any literature.

The management and employees at Trulock’s try to make the best choke tubes at a reasonable price. If you find anything about our products that displeases you, please let us know.

George Trulock, President