Trulock Introduces The New Bore Blaster™ Choke Tube

This new choke has a completely new kind of forcing cone which is different from anything we have made in the past. It consists of 5 parallel steps leading into the parallel section and gives tighter patterns with every brand of 00/000 buckshot shell we have tested. Typically we got about a 20% tighter pattern at 40 yards. These chokes will be available in most popular designs.



It really doesn’t seem possible that this year has only a couple of months left. I really don’t know where the time went. It seems like we just got back from SHOT a short time ago. Now we are working very hard to get new chokes ready for introduction at the 2016 SHOT Show.

We will introduce several new chokes that to our knowledge are not available from any other source. We have also made design changes to one of our specialty chokes that made a very noticeable difference in their performance. I will get more specific closer to January.

We will be located again this year in booth 15855 on the upper level.


Below is a very good article used with permission from Ammo Land. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Trulock Offers

With the launch of the new site Trulock now offers flush mount choke tubes as low as $17.99. Also they now offer a free case with any order over $99.99, free shipping on orders over $119.99 and if you order three or more chokes you receive a 10% discount.

Trulock also offers a 5% discount to all NRA members and active and retired military.

Which Shotgun Bore Diameter Gives The Best Pattern?

Which Shotgun Bore Diameter Gives The Best Pattern?

I am often asked the above question by people who are interested in purchasing a new shotgun. They reason that if a specific bore size inherently gives better, that is more even patterns, then it makes sense to purchase a shotgun with that bore diameter.

Shotguns that were made in the U.S.A. were for many years all of the same nominal bore diameter of .730 (plus or minus the tolerance of the individual manufacturer) as the U.S. standard for 12 ga was .7299.  With the rise in popularity of foreign shotguns such as Beretta we were introduced to smaller bores running in the nominal .721/.725 diameter. Stan Baker to the best of my knowledge was the first to do extensive experiments with backbored barrels (the process of enlarging an existing bore diameter) taking the 12 ga bore up to a nominal 10 ga diameter of .775. Some time back Browning added a new choke design to their line which they named Invector Plus to differentiate it from their original design called Invector. The new chokes and the barrels were based on a nominal .740 bore diameter. I believe that Browning was the first company to offer a factory barrel with a bore diameter that was significantly larger than standard. Currently most of the major shotgun manufacturers offer at least some models with bores larger than their “standard” bores. Some have gone totally to a new larger bore. The results of this are that today’s shooter has a very wide range of bore diameters to choose from.

Pulling from my memory I can recall the following nominal 12 ga. bore sizes. These may not be exact numbers as each manufacturer has plus and minus tolerances. Some of the below numbers have been rounded when converting from metric measurements and some for my convenience.








Now that you have all of the background information, you can get my answer.

I have always been able to obtain the pattern that I was looking for within reason (no 100% patterns at 80 yards) with all of the above bores by patterning with different chokes and or shells. I have had shotguns on occasion that took quite a bit of work to obtain the pattern I wanted but this has never been limited to a certain bore size as they have always been a random mix.

George Trulock

New Website for Trulock Chokes – Giveaway

Our new website is now up and running! We started this project with the idea of making the site easier for us to upload new choke tubes as we developed them. As we listed all the changes we felt were needed, it became obvious to us that a new site would be required. After more time, work and money than we ever dreamed it would take, our new site is now active.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nickie Cash for her hard work and dedication in making the new site a reality.
We will be giving away a set of 5 choke tubes either Precision Hunter or Sporting Clay to one lucky winner. To enter this contest go view our new online store at  and give us some feedback. Send an email to with the subject “new site” or go to the Contact Us tab on the site and send an email there with your feedback. Good Luck!
Winner will be drawn on October 7th.